What is this?

Klart is just a great way to capture and organize anything you find online with just one click. It's perfect for collecting ideas and inspiration.

Why did you make Klart?

I was working on projects and needed a way to save ideas and inspiration for designs and stuff. I looked around for a simple way to do this but found none that I liked. Most of the apps available did too much and I wanted a simple approach. So I started taking screenshot and synced them to Dropbox. This turned out to be far from optimal so I decided to do something about it. That something is Klart.

Why is it not free?

Klart has an open and clear business model. We make the service great and you pay for it. We are not a big VC funded mega corporation, and we'll never become one either. We won't close down and there's no hidden fees, ads or other bullshit. Your data is yours and will never be shared with anyone. This is our promise to you.

What browsers do you support?

We had to start somewhere and plan to make Klart available on more browsers and mobile devices soon. Today we support Chrome and Firefox and are working on Safari.

Keyboard shortcuts

Because mousing is so frustrating.

dDelete snap

tEdit tags

Previous snap

shift + cmd + kCapture

escClose modal

enterConfirm action/Save

Next snap

shift + ctrl + kCapture

How can I contact you?

Hit us up on Twitter @klartco or send an email at [email protected]